Feng Shui Meets Vision Board -- Double Down on Manifesting Your Deepest Desires

Learn This Step-by-Step Process of Turning Your Dreams Into Reality With Feng Shui Expert Patricia Lohan

People have been using both Feng Shui AND vision boards for ages to manifest their goals, dreams and desires.

But what happens when we combine them?

We get the synergistic effect of the magic of the vision board and the magnetic power of Feng Shui.

We gain even more clarity, focus, and motivation.
We draw in more good things into our life.
We achieve success in half the time.

Not Your Auntie’s Vision Board

Feng Shui-fied vision board is twice as powerful in:

  • ​helping you gain the perfect clarity on what you truly want
  • improving your focus & intentionality related to your goals
  • guiding you to be more mindful, intuitive & heart-centred about your desires
  • ​assisting you in visualizing life areas you want to improve, change or create
  • ​helping you let go of blocks, negativity and scarcity mindset that stopped you from making your dreams happen SO FAR
  • ​teaching you to manifest your desires with confidence, ease and power

When & How Much Is It?

Thrilled you’re joining us! 

The online workshop is on Saturday, 20th March 2021.

There’s much ground to cover, so we’re splitting the workshop into 3 X 2-hour blocks:

Morning session 
10-12am GMT

Afternoon session 1 
1-3pm GMT

Afternoon Session 2
4-6pm GMT

Fee for attending the “Feng Shui Your Vision Board” is only $49.

But here’s the kicker: Grab this super sweet bundle -- two premium online workshops that can change your life!

“Decluttering Day” (Replay from the Live Workshop on Sat, 27th February) & “Feng Shui Your Vision Board “ (Sat, 
20th March) for only $88!


Is Your Home Suffering from Too Much Stuff & Stale Energy?

Mary Poppins of Prosperity, Patricia Lohan & Decluttering Expert, Anne Marie Kingston Teach You How to Fix it And Bring In More Flow, Prosperity & Abundance. 

Time to remove ALL of 2020 residue.
Let’s get rid of the excess things and stuck energy — so good people & money start rolling in!

Clutter — The Wrong Kind of Abundance

Noticed how staying in a cluttered space makes you feel sluggish?
Feng Shui sees it as low, stagnant, draining energy that blocks you in life.
Clutter also hurts our wallets, relationships, self-esteem, mental health, careers…
But, you’re taking charge over it now.

Clear out your schedules: Decluttering Day is Coming!

On Sat, 27th February the Feng Shui expert Patricia Lohan and the founder of the White Sage Decluttering, Anne Marie Kingston, invite you to join them for the Decluttering Day.

Decluttering Day — Pain-Free & Quick Way to Declutter Your Space

Decluttering Day is the hottest online workshop right now that teaches how to:

  • ​Identify the true causes of clutter in your life right now 
  • Become aware of what the clutter represents & how will it keep affecting you if you don’t make a move — FAST
  • Apply a simple, yet effective step-by-step method of decluttering your home or office
  • Attract more money, love, success, nicer things, recognition and respect almost IMMEDIATELY 

What Do You Get Out of It:

  • working side by side with a professional Feng Shui Expert & professional expert declutterer  
  • home that feels right & you want to invite people over to
  • lightness, brightness and ease INSTANTLY
  • ​step-by-step decluttering plan & LIVE follow-along decluttering session
  • community support & getting energized by the momentum
  • ​workshop recordings — yours to watch wherever you need a refresher!

The value of this live event alone is hundreds of buckaroos.

(Not to mention the video recordings -- which are yours for life!)

But, we want you to get rid of the old stuff so the fresh, exciting new opportunities may come your way.

If you sign up right NOW, you can join Decluttering Day for only $49.

But it gets better.

Both “Decluttering Day” and “Feng Shui Your Vision Board” can be yours for ONLY $88!

These two workshops go together like strawberries & cream!

Combined in a value-packed bundle, they’ll empower you to unlock the energy of your space and manifest your dream life.

Imagine accomplishing all that in just the 1st quarter of 2021.


Morning session 
10-12 am GMT

Afternoon session 1 
1-3 pm GMT

Afternoon Session 2 
4-6 pm GMT

Get rid of that pesky clutter and everything that’s holding you back with it.
Open your life for a wealth of new opportunities.

These workshops are game changers when it comes to goal setting & accomplishing.

A word of warning: these workshop sell like hot cakes.

The quality of the workshops comes first, so the number of attendees is limited.

Make sure you don’t miss out. Book your spot now!

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