Looking to sell your current home or buy your dream home?

This is for you!

Here’s how hundreds of homeowners are using ancient, scientific strategies to release their current home or waltz into their dream home, stress free.

Looking to sell your current home or buy your dream home?

This is for you!

Here’s how hundreds of homeowners are using ancient, scientific strategies to release their current home or waltz into their dream home, stress free.

Put Yourself Into the Right Energetic Space
 to Attract Your Dream Home or Release Your House Easily

Does this sound familiar? 

Are you currently on the market for your Dream Home…

But feeling overwhelmed by all the decisions? …

Are you worried about making the right choice - so that your new home supports your dreams, family life and career?

Or maybe you wish to sell your house…

And want to get into the right energetic space…

Get this “Buy & Sell Your Home with Feng Shui” workshop...

And I’ll show you, step-by-step…

How to pick a new home, buy or sell any property…

Smoothly and quickly.

Here Are Some Amazing Results From My Students

"Ever since the New Year, putting in my remedies and doing a house clearing, my life has been so calm & happy. I'm finally getting offers on the house I want to sell. I can feel the Universe working for me"
​"Hello beautiful Ladies! About a month ago my husband and I started Feng Shuing our Ranch that we have had for SALE for about 2 years already. Tomorrow, we have an appointment with a couple that is very interesting in buying it."
"I am a realtor and today I cut the dead leaves from a plant that I have in my prosperity area. About 20 minutes later I received a call from a realtor telling me that the seller decided to lower the price of his property and accepted the offer my clients put on the property. about 2 hours after that I went to show a house and the buyer said "I am sold. I want to put an offer on this house". I could not believe it."
"Hi everyone my win has been that I have purchased a 2nd property (as I had wished and added to my vision board). This is now a reality and is available on Booking.com & Airbnb as a serviced accommodation. When I was interviewed by Patricia & during lives I had expressed this and it's now a REALITY."
 You are looking for a perfect home, office, or a plot of land…
     But don’t know where to start…
     Or what to look for in your future property
 You want to sell a house…
     Swiftly, fuss-free and for a great price!
 You want to learn more about the house energy, types, shapes and locks…
     So you may enjoy abundance, peace and good energy in your new home.

Here’s Everything You Get With
Buy & Sell Your Home With Feng Shui Workshop

 You are looking for a
     perfect home, office, or a
     plot of land…
     But don’t know where to
     start… Or what to look for 
     in your future property
 You want to sell a house…
     Swiftly, fuss-free and for a
     great price!
 You want to learn more
     about the house energy,
     types, shapes and locks…
     So you may enjoy 
     abundance, peace and
     good energy in your new

Here’s Everything You Get With
Buy & Sell Your Home With Feng Shui

Plus These Special Bonuses!

Letting Go Meditation

Discover how to release your house energetically… So it’s ready to welcome a new owner

Workshop Video Recording

Get a lifetime access to the video recording you can revisit anytime!

“Sounds AMAZING! How much is it?”

Whether you’re buying or selling a house…

This workshop gives you the very Feng Shui tools you need…

To accomplish your goals smoothly and quickly.

What I’ll be revealing is easily worth over $500.

But because I want you to be happy and prosper in your Dream Home…

You can join today…

For only $97 (USD).

Why not utilise the amazing Feng Shui resources my clients have successfully used to move into their ideal homes?

You can use these powerful Feng Shui tools to help you make the big real estate moves.

Imagine IF You…

 Knew what to avoid when looking for your perfect home…

… So you don’t have to deal with low or negative energy when you move in
 Had a tried-and-tested method for Feng Shui-approved house hunting

… Making sure your new home is a magnet for prosperity, luck and joy
 Knew exactly what to do & say to attract your Dream Buyer

… Who’s a perfect fit for your old house
 Stop being stressed out because of negative market trends…
… And create your own good luck when buying or selling a home

See More Amazing Results From My Students!

"We just bought an apartment in Italy, we got it at an amazing price and in a perfect location for us. I can't wait to feng shui this place for wealth, health, happiness and success in all areas!

There have been so many shifts and changes, too many to write here. I'm so grateful for Patricia and the amazing powerhouse team! They're always so supportive and present in the Community. I'm so glad I joined!"
"I sold my house for the asking price, and it was only on the market a month. :) :)"
"Got my 3rd property under contract. This is a one that has been up for awhile (commercial). Now hoping for smooth closings on all (next month) of them. This is growing my business."
"What a rollercoaster week!! On new moon... I got the keys of my new house!! This has been on my vision board for exactly one year AND a year ago this week I had posted a poem I wrote about the type of home I wanted!! Patricia this is now the biggest thing I've even manifested."
"Sold my house in 3 days with multiple offers!"
"My new home! We finally moved into our new home yesterday & I would like to thank you all & Patricia & Ken for the support in helping me negotiate to the next stage & actually reaching this stage! I may not even know you all personally but I felt there was a virtual band of sisters in my corner cheering me on whilst I decluttered, dumped, packed, donated & donated & donated."

This Is Your Exclusive Invitation…

To buy an energetically well-balanced home…

Or to sell it to someone who will appreciate it…

Are you ready?
After she experienced the profound power of Feng Shui in her own life…

Patricia realised that you can achieve anything you want in life with the help of this ancient science.

Her mission now is to empower women like you to create energetically supercharged environments…

Conducive to manifesting extraordinary joy, wealth, happiness and success — on your own terms.


Will a recording be available for this workshop - if I can’t make it live?
Yes, we are making it available for everyone who signs up to attend it live.
What if I don’t like the workshop - can I get a refund?
No, due to the live nature of this workshop - no refunds are provided.
What if I want to learn more about Feng Shui to transform my life? 
You can join us inside Powerhouse (our best-selling program) - we’d love to have you there.
Should I still sign up if I am looking to be a new homeowner in the next 1-3 years?
Yes!! This is a great time for you to start your research, get clear on your vision and start saving money for your new home. Now is a great time to start!
"Sold my house in 3 days, had my application accepted for my new apartment. Move at the end of April."
"Oh my goodness, this stuff works!!!! Why did I ever doubt it? I sold and bought sold within an hour - absolutely unprecedented.
I was moved out of my house in 70 minutes. I was unloaded in an hour. The sale of my house closed 2.30pm and the purchase of my new dream home closed at 3.30pm. I nearly fell off the chair.
Everything just flowed. Thank you Feng Shui Angels."
"I decluttered for weeks and weeks on end non stop, probably for the guts of a whole year and then suddenly things all started falling into place .... I have recently just moved in with my boyfriend to a lovely apartment in a brand new county three hours away so not only have I managed to move out which I struggled with for so long but I've changed cities and jobs so it's a whole new adventure. I just wanted to say thank you very much Patricia!
"We just bought a house built in 1912! We have lots of broken things to fix but I can feel the house loving the attention. It will be happy you are saving it and restoring it, ours is so grateful as it didn't want to be sold to a developer who would have knocked it down to become apartment buildings. It is very happy to be fixed up and knows we are trying but there is only so much we can do in a day."
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Any of my strategies are only estimates of what is possible.
There is no assurance you’ll be able to get the asking (or above asking) price when selling, or the lowest price when purchasing a property.
Results are based on many factors including luck, market trends and effort.
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